Literary Arts in Carmel

Literary Arts in Carmel by the Sea

Literary Arts in Carmel by the SeaAs mentioned before, the city of Carmel by the Sea enjoys a popularity due to its rich background in the aesthetic arts and many of its citizens have historically been people whose main line of work have been related to the aesthetic arts.

In 1905, George Sterling, a celebrated American poet and playwright from California moved to Carmel by the Sea and contributed to the establishment of the literary arts in the city. Mary Hunter Austin, an early acclaimed writer of the American Southwest and its vast nature and Jack London (an American journalist, social activist and novelist) also spent time with George Sterling in the bay of Monterey and the areas around it.

Bohemian Life in Carmel

After a massive earthquake in San Francisco, in 1906, quite a few of Sterling’s associates followed into his footsteps and moved to Carmel. George Sterling has been credited as being responsible for Carmel’s international fame. He lived in Carmel Pines for many years, in a property bought for him by his aunt. Mary Hunter Austin might probably be best known for the many writings and accolades produced by her about the many peaceful deserts of the south west of the United States. Probably the best known writing on that subject was The Land of Little Rain. Does Never Rains in Southern California by Albert Hammond ring an bell, anyone? In any case, Fire, an acclaimed play which she wrote and directed, premiered in 1913 at the renown Forest Theater.

San Francisco’s Bohemian Club and his so called golden boy George Sterling moved to Carmel with his wife, Carrie, where they settled in a beautiful house which today still stands, named “Eighty Acres.” This residence quickly become a place of reunion for many writers from all over California.