Monterey American Viticultural Area

The Monterey American Viticultural Area is situated in the eastern region of the county of Monterey, US south western state of California. The Monterey American Viticultural Area, sometimes abbreviated as AVA, was first founded in the year 1984. As such, it now belongs to the Central Coast AVA.

Monterey American Viticultural AreaThe Monterey American Viticultural Area covers about a hundred miles (160 kilometers) between its northern most point, near the bay of Monterey and it stretches down to the south, near Paso Robles, California. Nearly an impressive 40 thousand acres (160 square meters) of fields with grapevines and grapes fit for wine production are presently being grown in the Monterey American Viticultural Area.

The Monterey American Viticultural Area encloses certain regions of both the Salinas Valley as well as the Carmel Valley. Furthermore, within the Monterey AVA there are a few minor American Viticultural Areas.

About half of all the grapes cultivated in the Monterey AVA are chardonnay grapes. Chardonnay grapes are green skinned grapes and they are mostly employed in the process of making white wine. This type of grape springs from the Burgundy region of eastern France, where wine production is paramount. However, Chardonnay grapes are now cultivated in a number of places around the world; namely in any place where white wine is produced, be it Europe, the Americas, Asia or even Australia.

If you wish to check out different methods and helpful tips on how to brew your own wine, there are even courses offered by the Monterey American Viticultural so, if the reader has an interest for wine and wine culture, it might even be a good idea to take a trip to Monterey and visit the different vineries, vineyards and gardens and even get to talk to local producers, in order to get some inspiration about producing wine and what to keep in mind to best fulfill and master this millenary art.