Music in Carmel

Music in CarmelIn the year 1935, a brand new music festival had come to town, The Carmel Bach Festival, which started out as a weekend festival and has continued to grow over the years up to the point where it became a well established, full fledged three-week festival. However, a few years back, the 3 week period had to be cut back to to only two weeks, due to economic reasons.

The Carmel Bach Festival is a tribute to music and creative thinking, encouraged by the memory and historical work of acclaimed German Baroque musician Johann Sebastian Bach and the profound impact his music had all over the world. Recently, the prestigious music Festival had been under the care and curatorship of renown Jesse Read. Jesse Read had originally begun performing at the Carmel Bach Festival in 1980. However, since 2009 the board members behind the organization of the event have been led by executive director Camille Kolles.

For over half a century, the Carmel Bach Festival has been divulging and promoting Baroque culture and music in the state of California and bringing music and joy to music adepts, local, domestic, as well as international. At the Carmel Bach Music Festival, one can catch diverse performances, acts and artists, both domestic and international.

The Carmel Festival features their very own local, itinerary orchestra and their very own local choir. They do performances in a lot of auditoriums in Carmel, among them the Sunset Cultural Center and even at venues such as the Carmel Mission Basilica.

The schedule is packed with different acts both of chorus and orchestral character and features recitals, chamber ensemble concerts, lectures, individual vocal performances, films, and informal talks. There are also a wide range of social events for your whole family and even entertainment for the youngest ones.