The Monterey Bay

The Bay of Monterey is a bay in the United States, located in the Pacific Ocean and situated on the coastline of the state of California. The bay of Monterey is located south of San Francisco and San Jose, CA.

In 1602, the bay was baptized by Spanish explorer Sebastián Vizcaíno, in commemoration of the Count of Monterrey (Conde de Monterrey in Spanish), who had been the Viceroy of New Spain. The alternative spelling of Monterrey comes from a municipality in Galicia, Spain, named Monterrei. Galicia is a region in Spain where Galician, a very distinct dialect of the Spanish language, is spoken. The Count of Monterrey originated from this region of Spain.

The Monterey BayThe county of Monterey inherited its name from Monterey Bay. Originally, the region was populated by Native American tribes, such as the Ohlones, the Salinans & the Esselens, but the Spanish Army and Spanish invasions caused the eventual decimation of their peoples and brought them to the brink of extinction. The Monterey Canyon is one of the biggest natural submarine canyons in the whole world, situated at the coast of Moss Landing, California, and stretches horizontally for about 95 miles (153 km), submerged in the Pacific Ocean and it ends at the Monterey Canyon underwater delta. The Monterey Submarine Canyon can reach, at some points, depths of up to 3,600 meters. This submarine canyon is a protected area because it contributes to the ocean wildlife and marine ecosystems and helps them stay healthy.

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